Circle of Catholic Women

Circle of Catholic Women Journal One by Karen Pavlicin

A set of inspirational journals for women to journal and talk about prayer, rituals and traditions, relationships, spiritual role models, values and beliefs, discernment, and additional topics to help women deepen their faith and find peace and balance in their daily lives. The journals are nonsequential and each has its own facilitator guide for groups who want to journal and discuss together. Read more about the program and journal series at

“Womanhood and a bit of faith are things that often go well together. …a choice pick for women of faith.” — Midwest Book Review Bookwatch

“This is a great resource for women who want to get closer to their faith and discover new things about themselves… I like how the journal is put together…the provoking questions to get you really thinking….beneficial to any Christian woman.”
— Hanging Off the Wire

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ISBN 978-1-934617-03-8 Journal One
ISBN 978-1-934617-10-6 J-One Facilitator Guide
ISBN 978-1-934617-11-3 Journal Two
ISBN 978-1-935617-12-0 J-Two Facilitator Guide

Living Now AwardMidwest Book Awards Midwest Book Awards
Living Now Book Awards Best Spiritual Book (Journal One)
Midwest Book Awards Finalist Best Religion Book
(Journal One and Journal Two)